Inclusion & Diversity

Helping build an inclusive, diverse and sustainable workforce for Canada’s mining sector.


To meet the evolving needs of the Canadian minerals and metals sector, the industry needs to draw more diverse talent. Collaborative programs aimed at increasing inclusion and diversity, mentorship from one generation to the next, and efficient collaboration between educators and employers are examples of efforts to enhance the supply of workers. Each of these efforts also aim to strengthen the labour supply’s attachment to the mining industry, resulting in a robust pipeline of workers that is suited to withstand shifts in economic cycles and employer needs.

ENSEMBLE: The Mining Diversity Network

ENSEMBLE is an online network of professionals interested in supporting and driving inclusion and diversity in the Canadian mining industry. The network includes members from immigrant-serving organizations, Canadian mining companies, educators, Indigenous communities, women’s and diversity organizations.

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Gender Equity in Mining Works (GEM Works)

Women comprise half of Canada’s population and 48 % of its labour force, yet they only represent 16% of the mining labour force. The Gender Equity in Mining Works (GEM Works) Initiative helps companies collaborate to foster a mining and minerals industry where both women and men have the best opportunities for making great contributions and having rewarding careers.

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Mining Professional Immigrant Network (M-PIN)

New Canadians are often highly educated and have transferable skills that are beneficial to mining employers. To engage this talent pool, the Mining Professional Immigrant Network (M-PIN) helps Ontario mining employers connect and collaborate with like-minded experts as well as internationally trained professionals in search of meaningful employment.

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