The Mining Professional Immigrant Network (M-PIN)

Connecting Ontario mining employers, internationally trained professionals and immigrant serving organizations to help support career development.


The Mining Professional Immigrant Network (M-PIN) is a free network that helps Ontario mining employers connect in person and online to collaborate with like-minded experts as well as internationally trained professionals in search of meaningful employment.

In collaboration with the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) and Professions North/Nord (PNN), M-PIN aims to improve the integration of New Canadians into the Ontario mining industry. This network includes members from immigrant-serving organizations, Canadian mining companies, internationally trained professionals and more.

What is the Mining Professional Immigrant Network?

How to Join M-PIN

Becoming a member of ENSEMBLE: The Mining Diversity Network is a necessary step towards joining M-PIN. ENSEMBLE is an open community and membership is free. Once registered, contact Lorry Fortin to join the M-PIN subgroup.

Intercultural Awareness Training

The Intercultural Awareness Training program teaches mining employers about intercultural competencies critical to our changing industry and strategies that will help attract, integrate and retain a more diverse workforce. Geared towards human resource professionals, the training explores tools and resources to evaluate and enhance policies and practices to help create an inclusive workforce.

Details coming soon.

The Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) brings leaders together who are committed to helping immigrants and employers succeed.

Professions North/Nord (PNN), established by the Faculty of Management of Laurentian University in 2010, assists internationally trained professionals in bridging to employment in Northern Ontario while assisting local employers on addressing skilled talent shortages.

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How does M-PIN benefit employers?

How does M-PIN work for newcomers?

M-PIN Overview


The Mining Professional Immigrant Network (M-PIN) adapts, tests and evaluates innovative engagement methods to better integrate immigrant talent into the Ontario mining industry.…

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