Mining Potential

Engaging women, youth, and newcomers in mining.


Mining Potential is an industry validated essential and work readiness skills training program for women, youth and newcomers. The program provides opportunity to develop the non-technical skills, knowledge and confidence needed to achieve rewarding employment. It prepares learners for a career in the mining industry and provides employers with a workforce that is skilled and safety conscious. Mining Potential was created to address the industry’s labour market challenges and help mining companies meet their hiring needs by preparing underrepresented groups for employment.

How does it work?

Mining Potential teaches essential and work readiness skills using industry examples, tools and documents as well as scenarios that focus on respect for learners’ backgrounds and experiences. It is a 360-hour training program that combines two components for a blended learning experience:

  1. Classroom training on essential and work readiness (non-technical) skills that the industry has validated as necessary for entry-level hires. The classroom training involves instructor led training, facilitated discussions, e-Learning, and group work.
  2. Enrichment activities that bring the program to life through site visits, hands on activities, guest speakers, and additional certificates, as defined by training sites and their partners. These activities help learners apply and demonstrate their newly acquired skills to help make them more employable.

Become a training site

Each interested training site must submit a program delivery plan to MiHR that demonstrates they meet the program’s training requirements. MiHR and its Advisory Group will assess the site’s program delivery plan and ensure their ability to deliver the Mining Potential program based on the training requirements, safeguarding the program’s quality and consistency across Canada.

Contact Lindsay Kajiura For more information.

Why choose Mining Potential?

  • For Employers
  • For Trainers
  • For Learners
  • For Educators
For Employers

Mining Potential is highly customizable for employers’ and regions’ unique needs. Employers are encouraged to get involved with the learners and plan enrichment activities so their training can be employer-specific and unique. It is strongly recommended that employers bring learners on-site for job shadowing, as experiential learning helps them connect classroom knowledge to their field. Graduates of the Mining Potential program receive the essential and work-readiness skills needed to succeed in many entry-level positions within the Canadian mining industry.

For Trainers

Each delivery of Mining Potential is best delivered by two trainers. One trainer must have industry experience, preferably as a trainer or supervisor, and the other must have a background in adult education or life skills training. An ideal training team includes one male and one female trainer, with the ability to adapt their lessons to meet the diverse needs of the classroom and dedication to the success of every learner.

For Learners

Mining Potential is your first step towards a rewarding career! Workers are needed to fill vacancies in the mining and exploration industry from coast to coast. Mining Potential offers exposure to the mining sector through an empowering learning experience, leading to employment, or further education.

For Educators

Mining Potential is taught in the classroom and through hands-on experiences. The industry-validated curriculum and employer involvement enables educators to connect learners to industry by giving them the potential of hands-on experience at a mine or exploration site, enriching the learning experience and ensuring that learners want to pursue a career in mining.

Mining Potential is an industry validated essential and work readiness skills training program for women, youth and newcomers.

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